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Aimee Gendreau
SC License #5705

Massage isn't just about me doing all the work, massage is a mutual understanding and effort to get you in the best state of being that is possible.  Patience is needed, understanding and work on both of our parts to realize that your body can feel better than it has in days, months or years...we just gotta work together!

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Hi! My name is Aimee! I am the owner and sole operator of AMBIENT MOON MASSAGE AND BODYWORK. I have lived in Charleston since 2008.  I am originally from Seattle, Washington and moved down here after I decided I was sick of the weather in Seattle!  I have been licensed in 3 states: Washington, Texas and South Carolina.  I am Nationally certified and have been practicing massage for over 12 years (whoa!).  I am very passionate about my work, it is really more like play than 'work' most days of the week! 
My long term goals are to keep growing my business so that I can help others as much as possible, for as long as my body will hold out! ;)
Many people ask me what kind of massage I do, after all this time, it has become a mix of deep tissue, sports, Lomi Lomi, Neuromuscular, swedish, Esalan and stretching.  I think that each massage brings something different to the person--you aren't feeling the same everyday and neither will your body.  So, we gotta roll with what your body is willing to accomplish that day and some days it will be far different than others--just gotta be patient and loving...always loving!


Well, I hope to see you on my table soon and Take Care!
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