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First off THANK YOU for purchasing my online coupon!
Each of you are pivatol to my business, when you walk through the door I want you to feel valued--which you are! But, with all things there needs to be some boundaries and understandings, so communication is clear!
Here are those boundaries! =)
1. Same day appointments are not available.
2. As of right now, booking is out to a month.
3. To book, you will need to email, text or book yourself online; the link to book yourself is provded here:
The reason being I cannot answer the phone while working and right now I am booked from the time I get to work to the end.
4. To book online, you will need to provide a CC # or text me the day/time you wish, with your full name, email and coupon voucher number.  Reasoning  for this is that past Groupon people have no showed me, so now I have to be strict! :(
5. ALL discounted, online coupons massage time lengths on as follows:
60 minute ~ 50 minutes hands-on
90 minute ~ 80 minutes hands-on
The prices for the coupons are promotional only and used for that sole purpose therefore, if you wish to become a regular client you will recieve the full 60 and 90 minutes and then some!
6. Please understand that you are not my only clients, and that booking is tight because, of the high quality of work that I provide for each of you.  I take my time, honour the time that we are together and sincerely hope that you leave feeling wonderful and centered--therefore, I take great care in taking care of you! So, Please, Please, Please remember this fundamental rule: Be Kind to others and yourself.
That is it!  So, Please be PATIENT, KIND and UNDERSTANDING!  See you all soon! =)

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